Best Goalrilla Basketball Hoops & Goals For Sale 2021 Reviews

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Goalrilla Brand Information

Should You Buy A Goalrilla Brand Product?

Basketball hoops are a specialty of the Goalrilla brand. They have been in producing basketball hoops since 1991, and even today they are one of the top brands in quality and durability of basketball hoops and other products. Goalrilla brand is a provenly trustable company with numerous satisfied buyers and their products are, therefore, a safe and smart investment

Goalrilla Types Of Basketball Hoops

There are two types of Goalrilla basketball goals for sale: in-ground and portable. You can also buy Goalrilla basketball accessories such as anchor systems, pole pads, basketball balls, hoop lights, yard guards, and many more. There are also various types of in-ground and portable hoops, they variate in size, duration of the warranty, and the additional technology they offer.

Goalrilla Brand Official Website

The Goalrilla brand has an official website that is well organized and appealing. The site has a customer service link and a buyer’s guide where you can find all the information about the warranty, return policy, how to contact them, and how to order their items. However, I would recommend buying their products on because they offer lower prices and discounts you could hardly find on the Goalrilla official website.

Goalrilla Brand Products Warranty

The Goalrilla brand has a helpful warranty system on their website where you can choose a basketball hoop model and instantly see the duration of their warranty as well as how to return the item.

Top 5 Goalrilla Basketball Hoops And Training Gadgets Reviews

Goalrilla GS60C Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla GS60C Durable Design

The Gorilla GD60C is an in-ground basketball hoop. The height is adjustable, the backboard is made of tempered, clear glass and is 60 x 36 inches. The pole is 5,5 x 5,5 inches, it is made of one piece, and comes in color black. This one-piece system does not allow dunking. The backboard stands on a 2,5 feet overhang which is important for players to have enough space while shooting layups. Lastly, the powder coat finish makes the hoop look good and stay rust-free despite all weather conditions.

Goalrilla GS60C Basketball Hoop

Simple Adjusting Mechanism

This basketball hoop has a very simple and genius system for height adjustment. The mechanism works on a worm screw, which enables you to adjust the hoop easily without assisting any other systems. This great engineering also ensures a smooth adaptation, which is one of the best properties of this basketball hoop.

Goalrilla GS60C Basketball Hoop review

Portable Basketball Hoop

The basketball hoop has an independent anchor system which makes the hoop portable. The portability is not that easy, and you can not take the hoop with you wherever you go, but if you are moving more permanently you can relocate it. The system is stable, solid, and has 8000 lbs tensile strength. This feature is, as well as a limited lifetime warranty guarantees that this is a longterm investment in a product that is high quality and durable.


  • Adjustable height
  • Simple adjustment system
  • 2,5 feet overhang

Goalrilla GS54 – Another Version Available

Goalrilla GS54

The Goalrilla GS54 model is a version of the Goalrilla GS60C model. The difference between these models is in the size of the backboard. The backboard of the GS54 model is 54 inches, while on the GS60C model is 60 inches.

Goalrilla CV54 Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla 54 Inch Backboard

The tempered glass backboard is 54 x 38 inches and includes a pad for additional safety. The one-piece post system enables extra stability for practicing dunking. The post is also powder coated for rust and UV-protection and height-adjustable. The hoop is resistant to rusting and corroding and is highly durable.

Goalrilla CV54 Basketball Hoop

Adjuster With Actuator Handle

The height of the CV54 model is adjusted by an actuator handle. The handle is also removable with a pin locking the height in place. The actuator is made of all steel to ensure that it will not malfunction. The height can vary from 7,5 feet to 10 feet, and the adjustment system is easy to handle.

Goalrilla CV54 Basketball Hoop review

Easily Movable Hoop

The anchor mounting of the hoop along with the one-piece pole system not only improves the stability and strength of the basketball hoop but also gives you an option to unbolt and move the unit. Although moving the unit is not easy and requires more people, this is a very important specification because school gyms and sports halls often host sporting events where a basketball hoop is not necessary, and, therefore, need to be portable.


  • Tempered glass backboard
  • Height adjustable
  • Good for dunking
  • Includes a backboard pad

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy These Goalrilla Products?

The first Goalrilla CV54 Basketball Hoop is a great choice because of the additional safety that comes with the backboard pad. The second Goalrilla GS60C basketball hoop is perfect if you need to adjust height more often and need the adjusting system to be easy and fast.

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