SwimWays Basketball Hoop & Goal You Can Buy In 2021 Reviews

Swimways company offers multiple basketball hoops. If you are interested in buying one, you may wonder whether they are safe for your children or durable enough to endure a longer period of use in water. In this article, we will discuss those (and a number of other) points.


What You Need To Know About The Brand

Swimways – Only Basketball Hoops Or More?

Swimways is a company with a rich history. It is a subsidiary of the Spin Master company and owns three brands – SwimWays, Kelsyus, and COOP. Their main goal is to bring families and friends together via water activities and make sure children learn to be comfortable in the water.

Making A Positive Change

Did you know they founded National Learn to Swim Day in 2012? There is even more to this company. The company works with a not-for-profit organization named Operation Smile, a free surgery provider for children with facial deformities. Also, Swimways has been awarded and recognized multiple times and for various reasons – be it employee-friendliness, success at their job or humanitarian causes.

Where To Find And Price Of Their Products?

Their products can be bought at various retailers’ stores around the USA and using their webshop or other international online retailer sites, namely amazon.com, target.com, and walmart.com. All of them offer lower prices but are known for practices like using underpaid labor at times, so the customer has to make their decision. The pricing of their products is similar to other companies’ producing sport- or pool-related products –¬† cheaper ones can be found, but more expensive ones do exist too.

What If My Product Breaks (Warranty And Replacement)?

While their official site doesn’t list any warranties (only online retailers list manufacturer warranty as one year), they offer the possibility of sending their customer’s replacement parts. In online reviews, some people reported having to replace the nets or hoops on their products. While some did get their replacement parts, some have not received any response from the company.

Top 3 Swimways Basketball Products Reviews

SwimWays Poolside Basketball

Easy To Use

This product requires no tools to assemble, which makes it very user-friendly. Its dimensions are 22.5 x 36 x 40.5 inches and it weighs 10.25 pounds. You do not even need to have an appropriately-sized basketball – it comes with the product.

SwimWays Poolside Basketball

Can It Endure Water, Sun And Heat?

This product is made using heavy-duty plastic, which means it is rather durable. Some users have reported it sitting outside all summer with little damage. Sometimes the net or the hoop breaks, though – and replacement parts can be difficult to obtain if you do not succeed in contacting the customer service.

What Does The Product Contain?

With a SwimWays Poolside Basketball purchase, you get a basketball hoop and net on a 24” high pole. It stands on a base that is possible to fill with water or sand to make it safer to use. The hoop stands on a 2225” wide backboard. Also, you get a prostyle basketball small enough to go through the net and fit in a basketball rest provided on the product.

SwimWays Poolside Basketball review

Stability And User Safety

While the Swimways company likes to emphasize its determination to ensure safety, especially for its youngest users, in some online reviews it states that this product is not as stable as advertised. One may even need to make modifications, such as additional support. Some report the net not staying in its place, while in some cases the construction is shaky and not secure enough. If you have children or do not intend to be very careful at all times, invest in a more stable model.

Further Safety Concerns

It being not stable enough is not the only safety concern regarding SwimWays Poolside Basketball. Some online retailers have warned its clients about the possibility of cancer and reproductive harm issues after handling this product on the basis of Proposition 65. This means that some chemicals found in plastic this model contains can cause several health issues, including birth defects and cancer. Also, small parts can be a choking hazard.


  • 5 x 36 x 40.5 inches
  • 25 pounds
  • heavy-duty plastic construction
  • prostyle basketball included

COOP Hydro Spring Hoops

Is It Easy To Use?

COOP Hydro Spring Hoops is designed to float in your pool, so it needs to be filled with air. That can be a nuisance, but once it is deflated again, the storage is rather practical – along with it being easy to close, a carry/storage bag comes with your purchase. Still, users giving online reviews warn about it being good for use in pools, but a bit hard to manage in windier conditions. Waves in the oceans can make it harder to manage, too. One may need to tie the product somehow so it doesn’t float away.

COOP Hydro Spring Hoops

Durability And Water-Resistance

This product is covered in fabric, which adds durability to the construction. Still, an online review states that the fabric can get filled with water after a bit less careful use, which causes the inflatable construction to lean at an angle. It needs to dry out to return to its normal state.

It Comes With A Ball

Along with your purchase, you get a ball fit for use with COOP Hydro Springs Hoop. But, even though one may be happy with the fact that you do not need to buy it separately, a number of users reported needing a replacement basketball, which can be hard to get, given the customer service is at times, not this company’s forte.

COOP Hydro Spring Hoops review

Dimensions And Additional Details 

COOP Hydro Spring Hoops comes at a size of 24.4 x 24.4 x 20.5 inches when inflated and weighs 1.39 pounds. When deflated, it easily fits into a storage bag. This means it is practical for transportation. It is listed as coming in different designs, but only a red-blue one the company advertises as liked by children and teenagers appears online.


  • 4 x 24.4 x 20.5 inches when inflated
  • easy to transport; comes with a bag
  • basketball included

SwimWays 2 in 1 Game

Two Games In One Set

This set contains a basketball base with a hoop that can be reassembled into volleyball posts (volleyball net included) and vice versa. With your purchase, you get two balls – a basketball and a volleyball. Its price is not much higher than the one for only a basketball hoop, so you get two games for almost the price of one.

SwimWays 2 in 1 Game

Some Issues May Arise

Even though this flexibility is a plus, multiple customers state that it is rather difficult to reassemble the parts to switch the game. Also, the volleyball net is 24” long, so it will not be long enough for a larger pool. Smaller-pool-owners have issues with the net not being easily adjustable to stay tight on smaller distances.

Stability And User Safety

SwimWays 2 in 1 Game is made of plastic, which removes the risk of rust build-up. Its construction is advertised as heavy-duty and its base is filled with water, which makes it heavier and more stable. But, some users describe the backboard as too loose, which can be a safety concern.

SwimWays 2 in 1 Game review

Further Safety Concerns

The backboard is an issue for multiple users according to online reviews. Also, an online retailer has warned against this product on the basis of it containing potentially harmful titanium dioxide and other dangerous chemicals according to Proposition 65.

What Does The Set Include?

With SwimWays 2 in 1 Game, you get a 24” volleyball net, a basketball, a volleyball, and two basketball hoops/base. Replacement parts are not sold separately at stores, so one has to contact the customer service in case one of the rather numerous parts breaks.


  • heavy-duty plastic construction
  • two games in one set
  • includes a 24” volleyball net, volley- and basketball and two basketball hoops/base

Swimways Basketball Hoop Parts And Accessories

Swimways’ basketball-related products come with different parts and additional accessories listed in reviews. The positive side of it is not having to worry about buying a basketball. The negative one is that basketballs are prone to be punctured and hoops to breaking if a stronger force is applied. Some customers find replacement balls and hoops hard to obtain as they are not sold separately, but need to be sent by the company.

Conclusion: Which Two Swimways Basketball Hoops Are The Best?

With all the pros and cons in mind, COOP Hydro Spring Hoops is the best choice. It is the easiest and safest to use and transport. It is followed by SwimWays 2 in 1 Game, which, as the name says, includes not one, but two games.

If you are interested in learning more about other options you can choose between when buying a basketball hoop, read our post about it. If you are looking for other pool basketball hoops or maybe portable basketball hoops, you can find information about them on these posts, too.